Don’t Cheapen Your Site With Free Content

Don’t be deceived. The best things in life are not always free, especially if you’re talking about content for your website. In fact, adding free content to your site could be seriously damaging.

The benefits of free content and ease of adding it to your site can never be denied though. The simple copy-paste of free content will ensure that your website will always have content without having to spend money, time, or effort. But the ugly scenario will start to show up once the website is trying to rank higher in the search engines or on visitors’ trust ratings.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing despise duplicate content. They rank websites found with copied articles lower in the search results, some will also be de-listed. Duplicate or scrapped content, or poorly re-written content stolen from another site can also leave a bad impression on the visitors, thus, diminishing the website’s trust ratings. With Google’s heavy hitting Panda update not long ago which saw them heavily penalising sites with duplicated content or poorly written content simply used to fill pages out there has never been more emphasis on making sure the content for your online properties is up to scratch.

Who Says Quality Content Doesn’t Matter?

Have you ever tried searching for a certain keyword only to land on an irrelevant page or a page with good-for-the-trash articles? How did it make your feel?

Perhaps, you cursed that website forever for making a fool out of you and wasting your time. That’s how your website’s potential visitors will feel too when they land on your page without any relevant content, or worse, with poorly written content.

Even worse, every unsatisfied visitor will share his negative experience to about six people. That means you will be losing 6 potential customers everytime an unsatisfied visitor lands on your website. That’s bad business.

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Web Users Love Quality Content

Recent statistics show that Web users hate websites with poor content that are ranked high by search engines especially if they are busy selling products. They hate them even more if the content, if there is any, is useless to them.

Internet users favor websites with unique articles and pages that are user-friendly, uniquely and wisely presented, have authentic and original information, easy to read, and written using proper grammar.

But the question is, how can quality content affect a website?

- Publishing quality content sets a high standard for the products, services, and the website as a whole.
- The more high quality content the website has, the more it becomes the “authority” in its field.
- Net users love high quality content, and they show that through sharing links to your website.
- Only content of this calibre can keep the visitors hooked on the page and keep them coming back for more.

Great content is difficult to write, though. But it’s easy to find writing teams that can make these articles for you. All you need to do now is decide and the next step will be easy.

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